Where did it all begin?

In 1995, traveling faire veteran Bob Brinkman found himself living in Las Vegas. One evening, at a party, he spontaneously broke into song.
Surrounded by the types of people who wanted to sing along, "Captain's Song Time" was born, and quickly became a tradition with the "in"
Vegas crowd. When September rolled around with the Las Vegas "Age of Chivalry Faire", Bob grabbed his partner in crime Keenan Mills
and the "pirates from the desert" made their debut.

Near the end of their first day of busking Marooned was approached by a representative of Gold Coast Festivals. Discussions lead  to
them being hired to appear at the California Renaissance Faire for the next two weekends. Knowing they would need extra sound
they turned to Jen (Hadden) Brinkman (a veteran of the popular Las Vegas Irish group Uisge Beathe) and friend Lisa ----
Marooned boosted their sound to that of a quartet.

Unfortunately, Lisa was only to perform with them for a single day. Before the next weekend Marooned had secured the talents of
Geneva (Metz) Mains for the two weekend run. Adopting the persona of a crew of marooned pirates, Captain Roberts, Hannibal
Miller, Scathach McCullough, and Donya Boudoir Smythe hit the stage in California.

Once again, matters beyond their control took the fourth member from the group. At this point the joke became that the position
was the "cursed berth". Moving forward the fourth spot was filled by Melissa (Richardson) Mendell, Dani Albertsberg, Jennifer
Knighton, and finally Lenora (Roseland) Mills. The current lineup now features up to six performers, with Melissa, Jennifer
Knighton, and Lenora all filling out Marooned's signature, boisterous, sound. Along the way Marooned was joined by additional
male voices from time to time, including Andrew Meyers and Ryan Allred.

Where has Marooned Been?

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Bristol Renaissance Faire (2009-10) Gold Coast Pirate Faire (2000-09)
California Renaissance Faire (1995) John Levique Pirate Days (2008-09)
Escondido Renaissance Festival (2000-04, 2013) Private Parties (1996-15)
Hounds of Nobility Faire (1997) Irish Events
Ojai Renaissance Faire (1996-04) Las Vegas St. Patrick's Day Parade (1997)
Olde English Faire at Wildlife Prairie Park (2014-15) Borders Books Celtic Celebration (1999-01)
Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire (1997-99) Private Parties 1996-15
San Diego Renaissance Faire (2004) Conventions
San Diego Seaside European Festival (2000) Gen Con SoCal - As the Penzance Opera Company (2004-06)
Seaside Renaissance Festival (2000-01) Gen Con Game Fair (2007-15)
Shasta Highlands Celtic Renaissance Faire (2001-05) Weddings
St Francis Day Renaissance Festival (2001) Brian & Tina Dwyer (1999)
Tony & Laura Martos (2002)